Tuesday, January 26, 2010

The Wharf

 Day 2 Saturday 1/09/10

My first stop in San Fran was Fisherman’s Wharf located near the San Francisco bay. It kind of reminds me south street seaport in New York City. It’s a long strip with plenty of shops, restaurants and attractions. There is Alcatraz, bay cruises, or the seal lions at pier 39. And just like in NYC there are street acts everywhere, from break dancers to cartoon artists, and even a guy who hides behind a bush and tries to scar people. There is even a bum who is keeping it real by holding a sign that reads need $ 4 weed. We went to the Fisherman’s Grotto first. We ordered some clam chowder served in a bread bowl, fried shrimp, and calamari. The food was excellent so we decided to walk it off and head towards the Boudin Bakery. They take sourdough bread and bake them into all types of different shapes. After the bakery we tried to catch the seals at pier 39, but it was too dark to see them.

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  1. yo i need some of this turtle bread. do they have hello kitty to? PUHLESSSSSE! =P