Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Ruff Riders

Day 3 Sunday 1/10/10

So one of the things to do on my list was to ride a bike across the Golden Gate Bridge. So we hit up Blazing Saddles (http://blazingsaddles.com), located at Pier 41 in Fisherman's Wharf. We rented some mountain bikes and preceded to bike the 8 miles ride. The along the bike route you can see, Fort Mason with its vistas of Alcatraz, Fort Point to check out the surfers, and then you reach the 1.7 mile ride across the Golden Gate Bridge. The end of the bridge takes you into Vist Point then you will ride into Sausalito aka the sauce. To get to Sausalito we took a hill so steep that riding down it will make you feel free as a bird. As nice as that sounds after a long bike ride, there is always a catch, whenever there is a nice down hill on a bike path, most likely there is a nasty up hill. Sure enough we hit it and at that point three of us walked our bikes up. We got into Sausalito and got something to eat. The town was filled with shops, restaurants, and art galleries. I wanted to take the bike ride back but unfortunately it was too dark, so took the fairy back. If you arrive after 5:30 PM the fairy drops you off at Pier 39 where you have to bike a few more miles to Hyde St to return the bikes. I highly recommend doing this if your ever in SF.

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