Thursday, January 28, 2010

It’s got to be the shoes

Day 9 Saturday 1/16/10

Saturday was a perfect time to do some site seeing. We started the day with some fresh dim sum from King of King Restaurant in Oakland. Then we went to the Japanese Tea Garden. Being that it was winter there weren’t too many things to see, but we made the best of it. I’m sure that during the warmer weather the garden would be really beautiful. After the garden we drive down the famous and very curvy Lombard St. then head to Coit Tower. It’s located in Pioneer Park atop Telegraph Hill and has an excellent view of San Francisco. We later had dinner at Max’s restaurant of the Philippines, and then hit the club again. This time we went a spot called Manor West. If you like dressing up and listen to top 40 this is the spot for you. I tried to get in with timberland boots on and even had the group circle around me to block my shoes. Right before I was about to get in, I was pulled from the line. I asked what the problem was and the bouncer said, no boots allowed. I was impressed by his ability to spot out my shoes in a sea of people. I should have told him that he was really good at what he does for a living, being a doorman LOL. Fortunately for me I was prepared, I just so happen to bring a pair of wallabees with me in the car. Although the walk to the car was a bit of hassle, I did manage to get in for free as a result. When got back to the door I told them that I just had to change my shoes and that someone already paid my entrance. The girl recognized me gave me a ticket, and I just walked right in.

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