Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Re-Session

Akai Lounge & DJ Lingo are bringing you the "Re-session" every last Friday of every month starting January 29, 2010 @ Akai Lounge in Englewood, NJ

The economy is hurting everyone these days, so why pay the toll to cross the bridge/tunnel, look for parking, wait on line, deal with door politics, or be stuffed in a crowd of hundreds of people. With that time and money spent you could be chilling in a more comfortable and chill atmosphere.

Akai Lounge & DJ Lingo want to provide that place where you don't have to deal with the NYC madness. "The Re-session" will rebirth NJ nightlife with its reoccurring sessions of diverse crowds, special guest DJs, and wide range of musical treats from, hip-hop, R&B, reggae, funk soul, 80's, house, and more.

So please tell a friend to tell a friend that Akai Lounge will become the place to go on a Friday night.

Doors open @ 10:30PM
Feel free to come earlier if you would like to have some dinner, the food is excellent!!!
check out:

Dress is casual but neat

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