Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's a bird

Day 7 Thursday 1/14/10

Day 6 is a blurrrrrrr, too much Oaksterdam brain is mash potatoes and forgot to write stuff done. Day 7, Thursday night, we went to Club Waziema. It’s an Ethiopian bar located on Divisadero St. I linked up with my homey, Erwin, had some drinks. He was celebrating a going away party for a friend who was moving to New Orleans I believe. The place is small and doesn’t have music unless you rock the jukebox, but it definitely a chill spot. The most entertaining part of the night was this lady standing outside the door. According to the bartender, she was kicked out earlier for being too drunk. This lady had to be out there for at least 30 minutes flipping everyone the bird.

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