Thursday, January 28, 2010

The Down Low

Day 10 Sunday 1/17/10

Since my trip was coming to an end, I wanted to keep it light. My friend however had more partying in mind, so we hit up another reggae spot called Shattuck Down Low. On Sunday nights they bring you Kings of Kings Reggae with resident DJ Smoky and rotating guests. There was a $5 cover, again the crowd was diverse. The reggae that they were playing was just as good at Milk Lounge. I was too drunk to even get my dancehall on, but it is definitely a place I would go back to. We hit up some mexican trucks for some late night grub, but was already KO'ed from drinking. The last 2 days of my trip consisted of me doing laundry, packing, and just getting ready to go back to reality. I want to shout out all my people out there who made the trip happen for me, good looks and see you all soon.

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